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Welcome to ColdWater Cowdogs!

We are located in Tuscumbia, Alabama where we have a successful land and cattle operation. It is here that we raise and train our Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs to work and keep our herds more manageable.

What is the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog?

The Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs were specifically developed with the cattleman in mind. Gary and Choc Ericsson, the breed’s developers, selected dog breeds with the purpose of creating a breed specialized in gathering, retrieving, and herding cattle. In their original stock, they chose the Catahoula Leopard Dog, Border Collie, Australian Kelpie, and lastly the Australian Shepherd. Each of these dogs were selected with certain outstanding traits in mind.

The Catahoula was chosen for its ability to hunt and find cattle as well as for its slick coat. Likewise, the Border Collie for its trainability, herding instinct, and intelligence. The Australian Kelpie was selected for their endurance and agility. The Ericssons also chose only one Australian Shepherd who demonstrated toughness and extreme ability.

Registry Requirements

Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs are registered with the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog Association and have requirements and criteria that must be met in order preserve this special breed. Your dog must must be from registered Hangin’ Tree Cowdog stock or a registered HTCA litter. They must also have a docked tail and a slick hair coat that does not exceed 1 1/2 in. in length.

In addition, your dog must be approved by at least one board member who will need to see your dog work. This can be done in person or by submission of a video. During your demonstration, your dog must be able to head and heal. The dog must be able to bite the cattle on both ends.

The Difference

What makes this breed most unique is their working style and ability. These dogs are bred to not only be useful, but to be an asset to your operation. They are loyal and eager to do just that. Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs were bred specifically for cattle management by cattlemen for cattlemen!

We hope that you enjoy learning more about our dogs and our operation. If we can help you answer any questions that you may have please don’t hesitate to contact us