Hangin Tree Cowdogs! Raising & Training the BEST Cowdogs for cattlemenColdwater Cowdogs

How it All Started

For Hank Robbins, the hunt for the perfect cowdog started in his early years of college. After having grown up on a large cattle ranch in Wyoming, he knew the importance of having a good hand. After trying several different breeds of dogs, Hank finally found Charlie Trayer and his Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs. He followed the breed for sometime and hoped to one day have some of his own.

The Right Time

In 2008, Hank was ready to purchase his first Hangin’ Tree Dog. Charlie Trayer had just transitioned and sold his stock to Tammy Goldammer-Stuart. From Tammy , Hank bought a puppy he called “Hand”. Hand turned out to be just what Hank had in mind for the perfect cowdog. He was intelligent, had an unbelievable herding instinct, and athletic to say the least! From this point on, Hank was sold on this unique breed. Since then, Hank has bought, raised, and trained several puppies. He had finally found “THE cattleman’s dog”….

Coldwater Operations

Here at ColdWater Land & Cattle Company we run a Black Angus cross cow calf operation with purebred Black Angus and Chiangus bulls. We hold our calves until yearlings and run additional stocker calves, as well. It is within these operations our dogs get their “real life” experience we strive for. Our cattle management program involves intense rotational grazing which requires regularly scheduled pasture movements. Our dogs are an invaluable asset to us during these times. We do not participate in dog trials, but feel rather that the experience these dogs get from our everday work is our ultimate goal.